We love to chat and visit with our customers. At the store this is easy to do. In addition to being just plain friendly, Get Booked hosts several events each year including book signings, poetry readings (and we don’t mean the poetry you learned in High School), musical performances, art exhibits and more. We are thrilled to showcase local talent as well as talented artists who are visiting Las Vegas (hint – this might make your vacation a tax write-off). We feature this information on our Facebook page. We also feature newly arrived products there too. If you see something there you like (say that new pair of Andrew Christian underwear or swimwear) you can call us and arrange to have it shipped to your door. This is also a great way to chat with us when you aren’t in Las Vegas. We love to log into our Facebook page and chat with customers from around the globe. Many have visited us in person while others are planning to and still others just chat with us online with no plans of coming to Vegas. Whatever your circumstance, we look forward to chatting with you. Please visit and “Like” our Facebook page today. www.Facebook.com/GetBookedLV