Get Booked Promotional Offers Policies and Procedures

Get Booked, in association with AppCard, offers a variety of special promotions and offers.

General Rules

To be eligible for Get Booked promotions and Offers, customer must be enrolled in the AppCard app program. The AppCard App is available for both Android and iPhone customers. Being enrolled also includes customer in our text messaging and email marketing campaigns. If a customer requests to have either campaigns stopped, their enrollment in any and all promotional offer programs will end as well. Customer will not be eligible to receive free or discounted merchandise if not enrolled.
On any offers or promotions involving a Buy One Get One free or at half price etc. the free or discounted item is always the item of lessor value.
Current Offer and Rules:

FREE Underwear Punchcard

  1. Purchase 10 pair of underwear receive a FREE pair.
  2. The following identifies underwear that counts as purchased underwear:
    1. Regular retail price of $16 or higher.
    2. Regular price – no sale merchandise.
    3. We will count swimwear that meets the above criteria towards the 10 pair purchased.
  3. The following identifies Free underwear:
    1. Any underwear up to a retail price of $24.00. Customer may pay the difference for underwear priced higher than $24.00. Swimwear is not eligible for the free offer.

FREE VHC Punchcard

  1. Purchase 10 bottles of VHC receive a FREE bottle.
  2. The following identifies VHC that counts as purchased VHC:
    1. Any size bottle of liquid VHC or can of spray VHC.
    2. Regular price – no sale merchandise.
  3. The following identifies a FREE bottle of VHC:

      a.Any small bottle of liquid VHC priced at $13.99. Customer may pay the difference for VHC products priced higher than $13.99.