There’s a very interesting reason why the name was chosen. It’s actually a cute play on words. During a Metro round-up of Las Vegas gays Wes Miller was falsely arrested near the store location. This occurred on June 25, 1992. It was a sting operation with undercover detectives posing as hustlers.

get-booked-las-vegas-101 They lured gay men away from the protection of the community at Angles (now known as the Pirhana) and Gipsy, busting them without saying why, handcuffing them, and “booking” them into jail. With only $1.75 in his pocket, Metro realized their embarrassing mistake in arresting Wes and the charges were dropped.

These kinds of sting operations targeting the gay community in Las Vegas ceased not long after. The Bugle (Las Vegas’ Gay and Lesbian bi-monthly newspaper now called QVegas) hailed Wes as a folk-hero in their issue immediately following the arrest. “GET BOOKED is how I responded to that experience…” says Wes. “…it is a statement that I helped play a role in ending that kind of police behavior.”

The name stands today as a reminder of times when gay bashing was more common in Las Vegas. Wes is always quick to point out that now times have changed and that “the police are very friendly to our operations now. In fact, I recently had lunch with several officers at their new sub-station on the strip.”